just-fooling-myself asked:

Hey, My crush and I are best friends. I was pretty sure he was gonna ask me out because of many rumors and how he treats me. Well, I accidentally told my crush that I like someone else, long story, I had to cover up for a friend. I saw the look on his face and realized what I've done. It's been a while. I haven't seen my crush in what feels like ages. Idk if he's still into me but I really miss him. I tried texting him but there's nothing really to say anymore... Now what??

Well, you do have to understand that you can’t really change what happened. I understand wanting to fix mistakes, but you can’t force someone to accept your apology. Really the only thing that you can do is to say what happened, and then see what he says. Also, don’t always rely on what rumors say. Most information that is passed through word of mouth isn’t accurate. Rely on information that people give you themselves.

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under-theseax asked:

So me and my best friend have been close. We live 3 hours away from each other. When I visited him this week I didn't want to say goodbye. I huged him for so long. When I let go he backed up and brought me close and kissed me on the cheek three times. He never does this . Ever it's not like him. He told me it's a friend thing but, I have a hard time believing it. I've liked him since grade 10 , but he's not over his ex. What do I do? I just keep overthinking and it's killing me .

Overthinking is bad. Try to avoid it at all costs. It’s difficult to do. Since I overthink everything. If it’s really out of character, then suspect something, but know that a kiss on the cheek is friendly. Try flirting with him if you want to see how he reacts, or tell him you like him (I would give him some time if he’s really not over his ex anymore).

mariap0922 asked:

So I like this guy recently, but I've known him for 2 years, I don't know if he sees me as a friend still, I feel like there's more there but...... I want to tell him I like him but I don't want to mess our friendship up,

You either tell him now and see his response or you never tell him and you will forever wonder what his answer would have been. Honestly, using the “it could ruin our friendship” thing as an excuse is complete and utter bull. You’re just trying to find a way out of telling someone you like them. Sure, maybe your friendship is important, but honestly, get over yourself. If you like someone tell them. Life’s too short to not take risks.

Anonymous asked:

so I have a HUGE crush on this guy, he used to like me idk anymore cause he stopped talking to me plus took interest in other girls. Im gonna see him again every day when school starts. I want to tell him SO BAD how I feel but I'm just so nervous and afraid. It's partially my fault he stopped talking to me because he flirted with me a lot but I'm really clueless and slow and didn't realise what was happening until after he stopped talking to me.

Well, that’s unfortunate. I would try to get close to him again before just coming out and saying that you like them. Always try to at least be friends with someone before you confess your attraction.

Anonymous asked:

Hi so I like a boy but we never talked before (yes I know it's dumb to like him) but he is such a nice guy, he is shy and loves animals and he is nearly perfect. But I think he's kinda out of my league (my self esteem is kinda bad) and I don't know how to talk to him. He is one year older and is friends with the boys in my class so how can I get to know him? Also we share looks and smiles sometimes and I've caught him looking but I think he looks at my friends but I do t know. Pleas help :)

It’s not bad to like someone you really don’t talk to; it’s just unusual to like someone since you’ve never really talked to them. I couldn’t go and just tell him you like him just yet. Maybe try to get on at least a first name basis and a friend level.

Anonymous asked:

i belong to a Chinese family, and i am expected to marry a Chinese man. but i find myself being inlove with a man for many years now, and weve been together.. but he is not Chinese.. i want to tell my family. but im worried about their response.. what should i do?

Again, like the last response, there’s not many options that you have here. You can tell them or you can hide it. Whatever you choose, there are good and bad consequences, but I can’t tell you what you should do, because that choice is up to you.

Anonymous asked:

for around four years ive been hiding a secret relationship with a guy i love from my parents because they dont allow me to be in a relationship. but now im almost graduating from college and soon enough i would be telling my parents about it... i am unsure of what to say because theyre really not open to the topic. i dont want to tell them because they might take away my freedom and be too attentive on my schedules and control it as well. but im already tired of hiding it, i dnt knw wat to do.

So, personally I think it’s weird that you are going to have graduated from college and your parents still have such control over your life. You’re a legal adult… But I understand not wanting to tell them out of fear of what may happen. Honestly, there are only a few choices that you have: tell them or not tell them. If you don’t tell them, well, they could still find out… It’s honestly your choice. Understand the consequences of both actions.

Anonymous asked:

There is a guy who I have known for years and we had a thing for each other but nothing ever happened. After graduating high school we lost touch but randomly ran into each other every now and then. One time he asked for my number but never got in touch with me. Recently I bumped into him and hung out with him and his friends for a while and we were kinda flirty. One of my friends has his number and I thought about asking for it so maybe I could hang out with him and reconnect. Is that weird?

I would try to get his number yourself. It’s sort of weird if you get it through a friend just because it’s like, “wait how’d you get my number?” Otherwise, totally go for it.

Anonymous asked:

So there's this guy and he used to like me and I used to like him. But then he friend zoned me cause It was awkward cause we couldn't talk in person we were both to scared. And hes been texting me he misses me and stuff. But he's such a flirt and talks to like every girl. And he's also really popular and everyone likes him! Should I waste my time on him again?

I’m not sure how you friendzone someone when you’re not even really friends because it’s so awkward to talk to them. Seems a little odd. I mean, some people are flirty, and you can’t really control that, but you should try to actually talk in person. See FAQ #3/4

Anonymous asked:

how long should a "cool off" in a relationship be?

After a fight? I would give it as little amount of time as possible. I understand that cooling off is a good thing sometimes after a fight, but try not to leave a fight with unresolved problems. If you’re talking about cooling off as in like, we’re getting somewhat sexual but don’t want to have sex, then I’d give it a solid 4 minutes or so. Cold showers.

Anonymous asked:

when will i know when the relationship is not worth fighting for anymore? im in a relationship with this person for 5 years. it was all good until 2 years ago, he pursued someone else.. after a time we reconciled and things started to get better between us coz i saw his sincerity.. but recently, i found out and he admitted that found a hot girl on facebook attractive(a stranger) . i feel so hurt and betrayed all over again, he kips aplogizing. i want to believe him but i cant..wat shud i do..

This relationship is not worth fighting for. It stopped being worth it when he semi cheated and when he pursues others. I think you deserve someone better, who will be glad to have you and you alone.