Anonymous asked:

How do you know when a popular, cocky, and flirty guy likes you? What are some signs?

I’m making a FAQ for this, but it’ll be the same as what I write here so that you don’t have to try and navigate around everywhere.

There are many types of guys, but the two most common that you’ll run into are shy and that guy. A that guy is easy to identify because they are confident, sometimes over confident, outgoing, a bit of a player, maybe shows some sort of deep sensitive side that he keeps hidden (like all the movies portray etc.), and flirty. These guys love to flirt, with anything that walks, usually. This makes it difficult to see if they truly do like you, or if you’re just one in a long line of girls they flirt with. But they are not unlike other people, because though they might flirt with you, they will also try to go out of their way to talk to you. They will maybe show interest in performances or sports events you’re in, and if you’re not into those extracurriculars, they might ask what you do for fun etc. All in all, with flirty guys, try to notice everything that do besides flirt with you, because if they’re making enormous strides to really talk to you, they might want something more than a casual and flirty relationship. 

fallouthard asked:

For the past year, I have had a big crush on this guy, who i just cant seem to shake. I constantly see him looking at me during class, but i never talk to him. I am afraid that if I dont make my move soon hes going to move on, and I have no clue what I'd do. What do you think I should do to make the move? (note I am crazy shy and in 10th grade:)

I was super shy in high school too. No worries. Just try and relax and get on a friend level basis. Ask about homework or assignments in the class and maybe form a study group of you’re not comfortable by yourself. Just get to know him as a friend instead of that guy you sometimes catch looking at you.

Anonymous asked:

Last night I saw the one person I've had any interest in for about a year and a half, walking with their (assumed) girlfriend and holding hands with her. I was not aware about their relationship. Surprisingly I'm not angry (I have no right to be anyway) and I'm also not sad. This guy is like a best friend to me and I'm happy to see him with such a nice girl. Do you think this is a good outlook on the situation?

I think this is a great outlook on the situation, and I sort of wish that more people had this outlook. I think you’re handling everything maturely and that it’s great that you don’t have any built up anger or jealousy. That’s a big step for most people, and I think it’s good that you’re happy for his contentment.

Anonymous asked:

from the girl with a crush of 2 years and a month. he chooses to sit next to me out of everyone in the room, and also we're going to an amusement park together. he does look at me a lot, but im not sure if he likes me. my friends are all trying to find out for me. what should i do?

Well, the golden rule in my opinion is to never get friends involved. I don’t care if you’re 13, I don’t care if you’re 30. Don’t get friends involved, they make things unnecessarily complicated. Leave them out of it, I don’t care if they have your best interest at heart. Just go to the amusement park and have a fun time. Don’t go in thinking, “man, I want him to kiss me or make a move!” Just go in with the intention of having a fun time. Maybe flirt a little, but try to be good friends first.

Anonymous asked:

Okay, so there's this guy who goes to my school and I have this maaajor crush on him. I have like 2 classes with him. At the beginning of the year he went to a movie with me and a couple other of my friends, but I havent talked to him much lately. He's coming over tomorrow night with my friend and some of his friends too for this bonfire thing. I want to get to know him better and talk to him more but I feel so awkward talking to him & idk what to talk about & idk what to do tomorrow night help?

First step: relax. Second step: actually relax. Try not to be so nervous, I mean this should be an exciting thing. You get to have time to spend with someone you really like! That shouldn’t be nerve-racking, it should be something you’re looking forward to. Just try and treat him like a normal human being and aim for friends. Go in with the mindset that you want to have a fun night, don’t try and aim for more right now. If things go well tonight, try talking to him in your classes and maybe try and hang out again.

Anonymous asked:

ive had a crush on a boy for 2 years and 1 month. before i liked him, we were pretty good friends. after i liked him for a few months, we hung out less and less because we had less time to meet up. for the past year we havent talked much; we didnt even look at each other, just avoid each other. in the past month lots of the people in his class guessed i like him, but i have no idea how hes reacting to this, because i dont talk to him much except in one class. what should i do?

I would talk to him more, maybe suggest that you want to catch up. It’s really impossible to 100% tell how someone’s reacting to a situation, because even if they tell you, they could be lying. You can’t read another person’s mind.