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i feel very insecure and self concious when im around my boyfriend. i always want to look my best and its already bothering me coz i want to be me. my boyfriend says he loves me for who i am and how i dress.. but whenever i see pretty girls around i feel insecure.. to the point that i dont want to look at myself in the mirror.. sometimes i like how i look.. sometimes i totally dislike how i look especially in the pictures.. what should i do? help!!

Well, it’s a well known fact that most people hate the way they look in pictures. I think it actually has something to do with how we see our own faces. In pictures, we see a reflected version of ourselves which is different than how we see ourselves in the mirror, if that makes sense. I think that as your boyfriend, he should love you for more reasons that what you dress. Great that he loves you for who you are, but if he’s that weirded out or grossed out by seeing you in sweatpants and a teeshirt with no makeup, then he’s not the right boy for you. I basically never wear makeup and my hair is a mess and I sometimes look like I crawled out of the depths of hell, but my boyfriend still loves me regardless because it would be shallow for him not to. Try to stop comparing your features to those around you. When you decide to be confident and when you decide that you are beautiful no matter what, that’s when your views start to change.

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So I thought things were going well with my crush. He introduced me to his family & friends. We talked & hugged. Then all of a sudden he starts hanging out with this girl and totally ignoring me. Is this just a bad case of mixed signals? I ♥ Ur Blog!

Hm. That’s nice that you got introduced, but don’t take it too personally if he deicides to talk to another person who just happens to be female. I don’t think he’s totally ignoring you unless you try to talk to him and every single time he doesn’t respond. Even then, people have lives outside of their crushes and friends. Hell, married couples have lives outside of their marriages (hopefully not affairs, but that’s off topic).

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CRISIS (1/2): I'm having a crush crisis. I like my friend's ex. This girl and l are friends, but we aren't best friends. They broke up 3 months ago. But the guy. He's so nice to me, he always asks me for school help, he's alway touching me, and looking at me. Today the funniest thing happened though, our school plays music on fridays, and animal by the neon trees came on, and when the line "i kinda wanna be more than friends" came on and we looked right at each other and he smiled.

CRISIS 2/2: But I really don’t know what to do since, he is my friends ex. I might go talk to her about, but I’m not really sure, help please!

Well I think you should definitely talk to her about it. If you really like the guy and you value your friendship with this girl, then talk with her.

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how would you define true love ?

Hmmm…. That’s a good question.

I’m not sure if there is a “true” love. What does that even mean? That you can love someone but it doesn’t count because it’s not “true” like in the Disney movies? I don’t like the thought of that. I believe that people fall in and out of love all the time and I think that the love you have for those people should be recognized and that it is important.

But love? Love is when you can annoy someone and they still want to be with you. When you two can learn not to take everything, including yourselves, too seriously. When you can laugh when you have sex, when even though their hands are familiar on your skin they still send shivers down your spine every time they touch you. It’s when you miss them while you’re busy doing something else, not when you’re alone. It’s when you never think of being with anyone else. You can’t imagine a world without this person.

But it’s messy. You fight, you scream, you shout, you disagree, and you might even throw things. But it’s when you can calm down and talk situations out and compromise. It’s when you learn to apologize after a fight, and to admit you were wrong even when you don’t believe you were.

It’s not that you always want to be with them or that the songs all make sense or that they’re all you think about. It’s realizing that being apart from one another is healthy and that you still are going to get a big old smile on your face when you see them again. It’s knowing that you won’t wake up one day and realize you feel differently.

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I met this guy at a party and I really like him. My friend said beforehand that he's gay, but at the party he let me sit on his knee and we were cuddling together and talking all the time. My friend joked afterwards about how she thinks I've turned him straight because we were both almost flirting with each other and I'm not too sure where I stand right now...(We're both almost 16 btw)

Well, I don’t know how he’d respond to you just asking blatantly. Don’t follow the stereotype that all gay men follow the stereotype. People like who they like no matter how the act, or they dislike who they dislike. The only way to know is to ask to be honest.

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I need advice. I've been dating this guy for a while now and I really love him. But recently I've had feelings for an old friend of mine. I love them both and don't want to make the wrong decision. What do you think I should do?

I think that if you’re dating a guy, just dating, not exclusive, then I guess maybe you could try things out. But if you’re committed or in any way serious, then don’t go for it. Also, don’t go for it because you think the other person will like magically be better than the guy you like now. I wouldn’t call it love if you’re thinking of seeing someone else. I understand platonic love, but you know you love someone when the thought of being with anyone else never crosses your mind.

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I have the boy who is like one of my really close friends, we talk every night and knows basically everything there is to know about me & vis versa. Lately he's become a lot more protective over me, he's said things to other boys if they've upset& everything. He's told me i have nice legs and in the past has said 'love it when girls have really nice legs' also my friends&me went camping&we slept next to eachother. I don't like him i like someone else... I don't understand our relationship! Do u?

Um, I think that he likes you, from what you said, I mean it’s sort of endearing that people like you and are protective of you. If you don’t like him, I think you should tell him, because he might think you’re leading him on.

Anonymous asked:

Thanks for the FAQ tip. Sorry that I'm being a pain in the ass, but should I give up on him? It's like, we're really perfect for eachother (that's what I've been told) but at the moment we can't date because of some things. In like a couple of months we might be able to go a little further.

If you think it’s worth it, then stay with him. If you don’t, then leave. It doesn’t matter what you’ve been told. It matters how you feel. If people say you’re perfect for each other but you don’t think you are, then follow your instinct. Don’t let other people tell you how you should feel.

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So I have a boyfriend but for some reason I'm getting these feelings like I miss my ex boyfriend nd well my new boyfriend right now he's is so sweet nd perfect like the best boyfriend I've ever had nd I don't know why I'm missing my ex what should I do

Honestly, and I wish this wasn’t true, a lot of people do this. Once they find someone they like or even love, they go back and remember all the good times about their past relationships. They remember how that other person made them feel, and then they compare it to how the person their with makes them feel, and if it’s the same, not necessarily worse or better, but the same feeling, they romanticize the past. They think that in their memories, the other person made them feel more or better or happier than the person their with currently does, even if it’s not true. I would tell you that you shouldn’t leave your boyfriend for your ex. It won’t be as magical as you imagine it to be and people will just end up getting hurt. If you realize you don’t like your boyfriend, then break it off, but don’t do that because you think your ex will treat you better.

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I met this boy who is my age and we are in the same grade. We first started talking at a basketball camp, we would walk to lunch together, sit together, I started to like him, and I found out he likes me too! The problem is that now I dont get the chance to talk to him a lot and when I do Idk how to start a conversation, any tips on conversation starters? Thanks!! Xoxo

Well, I think that since you’ve talked to this boy before, considering that you’ve hung out etc., it shouldn’t be that hard for you to start a conversation with him. I would tell him you miss seeing him and maybe you want to catch up. It’s really important that you don’t start treating people differently once you find out you like each other. The person you fall for should be one of your best friends, don’t change anything because they like you for the person they got to converse with.

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i was wondering if you knew what this quote means 'if he doesn't scare the hell out of you, he's not the one' what does it mean when it says 'scare'? i love your blog btw

Well, shucks, color me flattered. I think that it could be interpreted in many ways. I think the head on way of looking at it is more like, he should scare you. And I don’t agree with that. You shouldn’t be scared of the one you love. But I also think there’s a different way to look at it, like, if it doesn’t scare you that he could walk out of your life at any moment. But I think that’s a slanted way of looking at it. Altogether, I don’t really agree with this quote. You should be comfortable with whomever you’re with. You shouldn’t be scared of losing them because you know that they won’t ever wake up one day and decide to feel differently about you.